Drakensberg Mountains

Aside from Table Mountain in the Cape, the Drakensberg Mountains are some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in South Africa, if not Africa as a whole. This 200 kilometre mountain range stretches between the country of Lesotho and the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal. The Drakensberg Mountains area offers a range of holiday options for locales and foreigners alike.

Part of the attraction of the Drakensberg Mountains is that the area is easily accessible from many different sides. The wide and varied plateaus, steep slopes and beautiful scenery make it one of the premiere hiking destinations of South Africa. There are numerous marked routes throughout the mountains that guide tourists through some of the most impressive vistas the mountains have to offer.

The Drakenberg look magnificent from every angle

Probably the most famous part of the Drakensberg Mountains is the Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg Park. This large nature reserve stretches over a few thousand square kilometres. The park is home to large population of African game and a birdlife that are easily spotted when visiting the area. The park is also home to 600 San rock paintings. These paintings can easily be found with a map that is provided when you enter the park and experienced guides often lead tours to see the most impressive of the paintings that are on available.

The Ukhalamba-Drakensberg Park is not the only park in the Drakensberg Mountains. The area is literally littered with state parks, game reserves and private game farms that offer visitors the chance to see the mountains up close. Activities on offer include horse trails, hiking trails, canopy tours, white water rafting adventures, abseiling and many others.

When you want to get out of the mountains for a while, the numerous towns in the area also offer some interesting distractions. Local arts and crafts markets are offer a wide array of interesting arts and crafts from the local people for sale. There are also museums, guided tours of towns and the surrounding areas and local restaurants where you can sample the fine cuisine of the area. You can also stop off at the Drakensberg Boys Choir for an afternoon of musical entertainment from one of the best all boys choirs in the world.

Weekly shows are available for a small fee on most Wednesdays from about three in the afternoon.

For the adventurous, an early morning hot air balloon ride is the only way to see the Drakensberg Mountains in all their glory. Leaving at the crack of dawn, you are treated to a view of the mountains few will ever get the chance to appreciate before you have breakfast under the open sky and return in time to enjoy the rest of the day.

The Drakensberg Mountains are one of the most impressive sites of Kwa-Zulu Natal. The wild, untamed mountainous landscape is guaranteed to take your breath away - whether you see them through the rolling mists of the morning or look down on the land from their peaks.

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