Dolphin Coast

The northern coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal, known as the Dolphin Coast, is a premiere destination for tourists both local and international. The area is a combination of golden stretches of beach and rocky tidal pools that offer all manner of activities including surfing, scuba diving or just plain sun bathing. From the Tangaat River south of Ballito to Umhlali in the north, the Dolphin Coast offers a host of attractions.

The main attraction of the Dolphin Coast is Willard Beach. This is a registered blue flag beach that attracts numerous holidaymakers every year. From this famous beach a boardwalk extends about two and a half kilometres south along the coastline. This traverse offers a scenic route of beaches, rocky coves and other coastal wonders. Heading north, a rugged trail makes its way along the coastline to the famous Shaka's Rock where, legends say, the great warrior king Shaka of the Zulus tested the mettle of his men.

One of the many pristine beaches along the coastline

Aside from Willard Beach, the Dolphin Coast the site of many popular beaches. Some of these coastal attractions are typical holidaymakers' beaches with golden sand and surf. Others are rocky beaches perfect for fishing or investigating tidal pools. All of them are premiere surfing destinations though the best beaches are a tightly held secret. Some of the more famous beaches include Ballito Beach, Zinkwazi Beach, Umhldi Beach, Tinley Manor Beach, Thompson's Bay, Sheffield's Beach, Shaka's Rock, Salt Rock and many others.

All along this Dolphin, visitors will find a host of seaside resorts close to each other. The small town, of which Ballito is the largest, offers all that a holidaymaker could want. Despite their very tourist-orientated approach, these towns still maintain a small town charm. There is a range of accommodation available including hotels, caravan parks, vacation homes for rent and many others.

For those visitors who want more than just sun and sand, there are other distractions in the area as well. North of Ballito on the banks of the Tugela River is the Harold Johnson Nature Reserve. This park boasts an incredible population of indigenous birds along with a healthy population of game animals. The park offers walking trails and picnic areas and is open most days of the week. The park is also home to two national monuments from the days of the wars. Fort Pearson is now a museum and a famous landmark on the banks of the Tugela, while the Ultimatum Tree is a famous location for history buffs.

The Dolphin Coast offers more than just surfing, fishing, scuba diving, sunbathing, hiking, water skiing, kite surfing and all manner of other water sports. There are also a number of pristine golf courses in the area that is sure to challenge even the most experienced golfer. Set against the backdrop of the azure Indian Ocean, these courses are well known throughout South Africa.

The Dolphin Coast is a great destination for a holiday. The sandy beaches and clean waters make it a great place to get away from the rush of modern living. It is close enough to Durban to be easily accessible and there are more than enough activities to keep anyone busy.


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