Breede River Valley

The area is well-known for its amazing scenery

The Breede River cuts across the landscape of the Western Cape on its way to the Indian Ocean forming the rich and fertile Breede River Valley. This lush area of the Western Cape is a combination of rugged mountain passes and rolling hills. Here, fruit of all kind is grown in abundance and many famous South African wines are made on the eaves of the mountains that rise up around the valley like silent, watchful guardians.

One of the most well-known attractions of the Breede River Valley is probably the rich fruit and wine farms throughout the area. Over 50 wine farms can be found in the area offering a diverse selection of wines to visitors. Aside from the wine route, there is also a brandy route that meanders by those farms where some of the finest brandies in the world are created.

The Breede River Valley is known for Route 62. Many regard it as one of the longest wine routes in the world. This route starts in Worcester (the one in South Africa) and passes through scenic towns like Robertson, Ashton and Montagu before it heads into the Klein Karoo and returns as it meanders its way to George. The route follows beautiful mountain passes and lush valleys where over 500 different species of succulents have been identified. Along the way, the route passes by some of the best vineyards in the area, each offering tours, wine tasting and much more.

A shorter route is the Breedekloof Wine Route that includes about 23 cellars depending on the time of year. While not as scenic or long as Route 62, it offers some of the best wines made in the Breede River Valley area.

The numerous historical towns in the area also offer a special distraction for visitors. The picturesque towns boast well-preserved Victorian houses. Some are museums, others are hotels and some are still used as houses by local residents. Robertson offers a historical overview of the area's wine making history and Montagu is famous for the healing springs that are claimed to cure a number of ailments.

For nature lovers, the Breede River Valley also offers the Karoo National Botanical Garden. This is one of the largest succulent gardens in the world. The garden offers guided hiking tours but visitors are more than welcome to explore the area on their own as well.

The Breede River Valley is a lush expanse of wilderness dotted with picturesque historical towns and excellent wine farms. There is more than enough here to keep any visitor happy and entertained for a long time.


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